Invision Filmworks Acquires Traphouse a Play to Premier for Houston Theatre

Invision Filmworks announces its first foray into theater with the acquisition of Traphouse. Traphouse will be cast later this month and will begin production by early next year.

December 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Houston, TX-Traphouse is a anonymous work that explores the urban issues and misconceptions of street life in an honest and straightforward way. Set to the sounds of current popular club anthems and trap music the play provides a window into the “traplife” immersing the viewer in the culture as if they were a fly on the wall. A local gentleman's club is the setting for an intriguing conversation between an unknown dance club customer and the Trap Queen/local Trap Star, BB, AKA Bodega Betty. Just like the trap looks can be deceiving, and she has a hustle different than most that belies her appearance and persona. What led her to this life and what destiny holds for her in the future are revealed along with the purpose of the mysterious stranger and his motivation for being in the club, among other twist.

Real dancers are used in the play as a juxtaposition to the real world. The audience is encouraged to tip as they would in a real club further blurring the lines between reality and the staging of the play. The audience is placed in the shoes of a club veteran while audience members familiar with traplife are immersed in a live theatre experience, experiencing art culture while blending both worlds in a culture clash of realism and social entertainment. This is the purpose of Traphouse to explore what drives the popularity of hip hop and urban culture and how it can help guide us to self-discovery. Entertainment should not just consist of the exploitation of said culture but use the forum as a mirror for self-discovery and improvement as a community. The experience is completely immersive using a Shakespearean thrust stage design. It is fully interactive not just by allowing tipping of the stage performers but also by encouraging the audience to enjoy the play as if they were in a actual club. Every performance also allows preselected audience members to audition at the start of the play to perform as part of the cast as dancers and stage performers. Dancers -both professional and audience members- are allowed to donate the proceeds of their tips to charities of their choice if they choose. Traphouse is a new approach at theatre and how we interact with it making it more relatable to generations and old and new.

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