CertExams Updates Network Simulator with Designer for CCNA

CertExams.com, a leading netsim and examsim provider, recently updated it's CCNA® Network Simulator with Designer product to include more features.

December 23, 2017 (FPRC) -- CertExams.com recently updated CCNA Netsim to include site-to-site VPN and FHRP. Several CCNA labs have been added to the existing list of labs for hands-on experience. The appended features are as given below:
1. FHRP (First Hop Redundancy Protocol): Cisco IOS version of the protocol is known as HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol). Here, one router works as the Active router forwarding the packets, and the other router will be in Standby position. The Active and Standby routers are determined by the Priority value that could be assigned by the network admin while configuring the HSRP. Few of the important configuration commands such as those given below have been implemented with the software:

R(config-if)# standby ip , this command activates HSRP group as given in on the interface and creates a virtual IP address

R1(config-if)# standby priority - Assigns a priority value of to standby group

R1(config-if)# standby preempt - This router will preempt, or take control of, the active router if the local priority is higher than the active router.

Several labs have been added for hands-on experience on HSRP configuration and troubleshooting.

2. Site-to-site VPN: VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is often used on the Internet, which most of the users are not aware of. For example, when you see https:// in the browser address bar, the connection to the server from the user computer is secured and encrypted. Site-to-site VPN is also called Router-to-router VPN as the tunnel is established between two routers. In contrast, Remote Access VPN, the tunnel is established between the remote user computer and the site. Remote access VPN is useful for those who want to access corporate headquarters from a remote location, or from a public Wifi network from his laptop computer.

Several labs have been provided for hands-on experience on site-to-site VPN configuration and troubleshooting.

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