KwikiChat - a Text and Video Mobile App Connecting Buyers and Sellers in Real Time

Canadian-based Hyphen Tech Inc., a leading software application researcher and developer has announced the release of KwikiChat, a new real time business and buyer communication app that is interactive with text, audio and video modes.

Bishop's Falls, Canada - December 29, 2017 (FPRC) --

Rodney Brace, CEO of Hyphen Tech Inc., has announced its release of phase 1 of KwikiChat, an app connecting buyers and sellers. KwikiChat makes it possible for buyers on a website to connect with website owners in real time using either text, audio or video. This is accomplished using KwikiChat's website companion app that connects to the website owner's smart phone.

Built for both Android and iPhone KwikiChat officially soft launched in November 2017. CEO of Hyphen Tech Inc., Rodney Brace, commented “The Internet has truly increased the demand on response times buyers are willing to wait for sellers to get back to them when inquiring about their product or service. With so much Internet competition today, sellers need every advantage to capture website visitors (buyers) attention while they are visiting the seller's website. KwikiChat can proactively connect buyers with sellers in REAL TIME, allowing people to be served in REAL TIME.”

Mr. Brace went on to say, "KwikiChat is built for anyone with a website, no matter the purpose of that website. Whether you sell a product, service, recruit prospects or simply want to connect with website visitors in real time, KwikiChat is sure to meet those needs."

The app can be customized allowing the website owner to add their logo and tagline so that it conveys their mission and connects with their buyer on a higher level. The welcome screen can too be personalized. KwikiChat proactively invites website visitors to connect with the website owner, increasing the odds that website visitors will engage with the website owner.

KwikiChat is not just about chat. Text, audio and video conversations can be transferred to other associates or partners making KwikiChat an asset for teams.

When asked how KwikiChat could truly impact a business, Mr. W. Roger Salam, founder of The Winners Circle, author, motivational speaker and former trainer for Tony Robins had this to say, "This is the most powerful tool to capture visitors to your website in real time. This is the best investment you can make if you are serious about NOT doubling but quadrupling your business."

KwikiChat is owned and ran by Hyphen Tech Inc. Just like the hyphen, that connects things, Hyphen Tech Inc., strives to connect people around the world via KwikiChat. To find out more about KwikiChat visit Visitors to the website can chat with the CEO, Rodney Brace, or one of its operators during peak times.

Contact Info:
Name: Rodney Brace
Organization: Hyphen Tech inc.
Address: 8a Lower Avenue, Bishop's Falls, NL A0H 1C0, Canada

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