Direct Interview Launches Video Interview Platform For Job Seekers

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January 25, 2018 (FPRC) -- A job search can be tough when you have to jostle for the employer's attention with scores of other applicants. It's hard to stand out. That's why Direct Interview is giving job seekers a new unique way to communicate their experience and knowledge to recruiters. Instead of the traditional text-only resume, Direct Interview allows you to record a professional video interview with live questions and send it along with your resume or CV. This eliminates the need for extensive and tedious pre-screening from employers. Most importantly, it helps you stand out from the pile and increases your chances of getting hired.
The process is very simple. Visit Direct Interview's website and sign up as a candidate. You then choose the questions you want to answer in the video. There are plenty of questions available to choose from depending on your field, level of experience and personal preferences. You can even order custom questions. When you are ready, go ahead and record a live video interview. When you are done, review the video. You can record a new one if you don't like it or would like to change something. If you are happy with it, you'll get a link to the video which you can add to your resume or CV. It's basically a form of pre-screening but without the hassles and time consumption usually involved. You don't have to wait around for an employer to request a pre-screening appointment after which you have to wait anxiously for a response. Direct Interview lets you take initiative and present yourself to recruiters in a way that they'll understand you best. You can record multiple interviews for different jobs. Each will have its own unique link that you can submit to hiring managers. There is only so much enthusiasm and passion you can communicate on a traditional resume. Direct Interview for job seekers helps make your job search easier, faster and highly likely to result in a successful hire.

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