Musicians-centric Digital Copyright Service Launched, Helping Creatives Across the Globe

Creatives can now use a simple, low cost method to seal their copyright on songs, particitions, lyrics upon completion of their creative process.

March 2, 2018 (FPRC) -- Build by musicians and IT experts,, a new internet-based service, went live in February, helping musicians protect their ownership of their works by delivering qualified copyright proof. offers digital document sealing, using LTV (long-time validation) signatures, enabled by a partnership with a trust service provider of the European Union.

Co-founder Tobias Kirchner: “As passionate hobby musician and songwriter, I always wondered why there is no simple solution to establish legally qualified copyright evidence. Notary services are cumbersome, take too much money and are a last-century thing. With Regstones, musicians can now experience a new paradigm: simple, full control, instant delivery, extremely affordable.”

Nearly all countries in the world have signed off the so-called Berne Convention, which means that in these countries creative works (songs, melodies, lyrics…) are enjoying copyright protection by nature. A creative will "only" need to evidence to have created this art first, which is tricky to do, knowing that a conflict might occur in many years, and that homespun remedies do not help (date entries of recording files can be changed in a second, postal timestamps can easily be tricked etc). The need is for a sufficiently strong, long-time valid, and legally accepted evidence.

Regstones delivers this qualified evidence by calculating a digital fingerprint of the creative work, combining it with the author's identity, and sealing this combination with an LTV (long-time validity) digital signature. The creative gets this evidence seal delivered instantly, at price that is a fraction of what a notary seal would cost.

The service is available in German and English; availability in French will be added soon.

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