Authentic Italian Food and Gluten Free Unite

Gluten intolerance is really thing! Clarissa Burt, highly gluten intolerant, and Rita Romano, Celebrity Chef have created recipes that allow Italian Food lovers with gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease to enjoy authentic Italian food!

April 22, 2018 (FPRC) -- International Media Celebrity, Supermodel, Beauty/Lifestyle and Wellness expert Clarissa Burt has partnered with world renowned Chef Rita Romano to create'The Gluten Free Gastronomy Cookbook' in hard copy and digital versions. Comprised of 70 sumptuous cucina italiana recipes without the dangers of gluten, now those with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease can savor mouth-watering Italian food.

'I genuinely love this book. As Italian Food Ambassador,food writer and cooking instructor, it is my duty to preserve and promote the deliciousness and uniqueness of our culinary heritage' says Ale Gambini. I’m happy to say that the Italian Gluten Free Gastronomy cookbook is a great example of how the most beloved cuisine in the world can be tasty, healthy and authentic even without the use of one of its staples: the wheat. Simple and delicious gluten-free recipes, easy to make on a daily basis for authentic Italian meals. such as Antipasti (Appetizers) to Pasta, Risotti, Secondi (Main Dishes), Side Dishes, Salads and Desserts. Big thumbs up to Clarissa and Rita!'

Clarissa lived in Italy for 30 years is highly gluten intolerant. After years of emergency rooms, anaphylactic shocks and epipens, Clarissa discovered gluten was the issue. Once she eliminated all gluten from her diet, the problem disappeared. She approached Italian Chef Rita Romano to create recipes that she could share with others suffer the gluten nightmare. An ecstatic Clarissa wants everyone to know Gluten Intolerance is really a ‘Thing’! 'You can now enjoy pasta, pizza and pane without the dangerous side effects of gluten'!

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