Guide Property Services Announces Leasing Project of Building in Downtown Seattle

After breaking into the apartment management market, Guide Property Services is taking on another large leasing project.

September 7, 2018 (FPRC) -- The Seattle real estate scene is thriving, and Guide Property Services is feeling the effects. After a busy summer, they just announced that they will soon undergo a leasing project of 40-60 units downtown. They recently started focusing on managing apartment buildings instead of houses.

In preparation for this leasing project, Guide has assembled a team dedicated to the marketing and exposure of these available rentals, in order to maximize the profitability and ROI to the buildings investors.

This team has developed a website with custom landing pages for units in this building. People are very easily able to view the photos of these rentals and if they are interested, schedule a showing right on the website. This is new technology that not too many Seattle property management companies have yet adopted.

This forward thinking and entrepreneurial attitude displayed by Guide Property Services is a major contributor to their recent success managing apartments in Seattle, according to the CEO John Garvin: “Our proactive approach to these projects when it comes to webpages, online applications and scheduling, and timely showing appointments has really been a major factor to our growth in this space.”

John and his team are excited to execute their game plan for this project, as well as the future projects they will be managing for other investors and property owners.

“We are really looking forward to showing more apartment owners and investor groups exactly what we can do when it comes to their apartment management. We believe that we really have elevated the standard and we are excited to surprise some people” said John.

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