Healthy Families First Addresses the Inequalities of Parent-Child Communication Split

Healthy Families First addresses the inequalities of parent-child separation. Our format helps parents deep-dive into inequalities, recovery and legislation to control continual damage that mitigate a healthy balance of generational relationships.

April 22, 2019 (FPRC) -- Dr. Rachael (pronounced Ra’kel) Leah Robertson has been on the Globe and Mail Bestsellers list and will begin touring internationally in 2019. Recent and most acclaimed for her title and release of Breaking Generational Curses: When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children: Canada and London have begun to notice! - Additionally, the Cognitive Institute of Dallas Board of Governance and Generation Thirty Publishing House Advisory Board thanks the Independent Book Publishers Association(IBPA) as a recent recipient of their award in 2018; Dr. Ra’kel Leah looks forward to future partnerships and collaborative projects. As an author, Dr. Ra’kel Leah has written manuals for corporate giants, news directories for marketing, co -branded human resource development guides, trained top executives in organizational change; and is a cyber security expert. Moreover, as an executive director of The Cognitive Institute of Dallas since 1999, her collaborative works have launched The Generation Thirty Publishing House.

With collaboration efforts toward Healthy Families First Magazine - the initial vision is promoting healthy parent child kinship when there is a relationship split. To support: Within our vision and mission is a conservative effort in presenting news and 'providing an information hub for parents to approach healing and recovery in safe spaces' Says Dr. Rachael Leah, 'and our broadcast will be featured in 47 countries and all USA Podcast panels.' With sponsorship and partners coming along board; Healthy Families First is primarily listener supported and generated by advertising and content. Stay turned for an open call to beta tester' listeners and signups. Thanks for listening at

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