Maid My Home Publish Detailed Guide on the Evolution of Household Cleaning Routines to Their Company Blog

Leading Cleaning Agency Release In-Depth Article on the Shifting Attitudes to Household Upkeep Over the Years

August 4, 2019 (FPRC) -- Maid My Home, one of the premier house cleaning service providers in the United Kingdom, have recently produced a detailed guide on how the roles and responsibilities relating to household cleaning routines have changed over the years, while examining the causes of these changes, and assessing the impact technological advancements have had on our daily domestic chores.

Maid My Home are proud to be committed to delivering quality work in every aspect of their business, from providing cleaners of the finest quality to homes and businesses across many of the UK’s major cities, to ensuring customers receive consistently excellent service in all areas, and to publishing industry leading cleaning-related content on their company blog.

Recent articles have included guides on how to maintain rental properties, how to make cleaning fun, and which parts of your home can easily be forgotten when carrying out your usual cleaning process.

To augment these guides, Maid My Home were looking to create an authoritative and engaging piece of content which would capture the attention of even the most difficult to please members of their target audience, and which could compete with anything published by their competitors, either at home or abroad.

After thorough research, several drafts and a substantial number of man hours, the company believe their guide, which examines the social and political causes of the shift in both gender roles and cleaning routines over recent decades, accomplishes these goals.

Taking a ‘journey through time’ style approach, the political and sociological undertones of the article have ensured that it has already proved popular with both regular readers of the Maid My Home blog and a more general audience.

This has been shown by both the level of positive feedback the company has received about the article so far, and by the fact that it has already been shared several hundred times across social media platforms, within the first three days of its publication.
The excellent reception which they have received to this point has encouraged Maid My Home to commit themselves even further to producing similarly high-quality content in future.

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