"The John Fresolo Saga," published by NEB Publishing’s Author, Richard F. Wright, Will Be Featured at Book Signing November 13, 2019

Author Richard F. Wright will discuss how he uncovered the secret testimony, secret documents, and secret evidence used to force Massachusetts State Representative John Fresolo to resign his seat in 2013. Wright claims in his book that top government officials conspired to blackmail Fresolo with evidence not submitted during the hearings, not taken under oath, and not provided to the defense prior to its presentation to the ethics committee. His charges have not been contradicted by any government official named in the book.

November 10, 2019 (FPRC) -- Author Richard F. Wright, after a two-year investigation that included hundreds of hours of face-to-face interviews with the people who were there, exposes that the vague and salacious allegations against Fresolo by his office aide were false and that State House leadership maneuvered the complainant into making the charges in a conspiracy to pressure popular eight-term Fresolo to resign his seat.

Wright will discuss how he came to write the book and answer questions from the audience. NEB Publishing will have paperback books on hand for sale and will take orders for the hardcover version. The eBook version is available online.

In the book, Wright reveals that witnesses lied under oath, evidence was confused and contradictory, and when the State’s case was collapsing, House Leadership conspired to blindside Fresolo with materials, unrelated to the original allegations; not taken under oath or during the hearings, to blackmail him into resigning.

According to Wright, what started with a young, naive statehouse staffer looking to get a job transfer turned into a witch hunt characterized as a sham 'kangaroo-court' process of investigation perpetrated by those too weak to stand up to House leadership.

During the three full days of hearing testimony, more than once, witnesses for the State were caught lying to the committee. The claimant herself, at one point, admitted that the Representative had never sexually harassed her, had not sent any photos to her and had not used the statehouse computer system for the messages that were claimed to have been sent. Despite this exculpatory testimony, there was no motion to dismiss. Instead, the state had maneuvered the witness to make additional charges to keep the investigation alive.

The book describes how evidence was presented after the hearings had closed, testimony had ceased, and the parties were in negotiation for a settlement, which was unrelated to the standing allegations. Fresolo felt he was blackmailed into resigning in order to protect innocent parties.

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