Tassig announces Axiom 5, The Latest Release Of The Rock Solid Operating System.

A new version of Axiom OS which see new advancements in terms of security, easy of use and reliability.

January 21, 2020 (FPRC) -- Axiom (http://axiom.tassig.com ) is a Unix based operating system but unlike others, it is easy to use and comes with a user interface that is both intuitive and beautiful. This fifth release brings new advancements in terms of security, easy of use and reliability.

Axiom is based around its web browser, Tassig Internet, and boasts a large collection of free applications, readily available in one click. The LibreOffice office suite, Skype, Spotify, Kodi as well as industry standards such as special FX software, Blender are some of the big-name applications that Axiom offers. Thanks to its versatility, Axiom is being used in media-centers, TV boxes, or as an office computer. It is also the system of choice for many software developers due to a large array of readily available development tools and documentation. Its security has always been unprecedented and the version 5 continues in this tradition.

On the technical side, the version 5 is offering a fully open sourced core system. More essential software components have been implemented in proof checkers and have are now machine checked, making them bug-free and ultra-reliable. Axiom does not run sofware such as dbus, pulseaudio, systemd, udev, which have been prone to bugs and security issues. Thanks to this simplicity and cleanliness, the surface of attack is smaller and does not put the user at risk. It is virtually unhackable thanks to its architecture, all user applications are sandboxed.

With this version 5, Tassig (tassig.com) also decided to offer Axiom in the browser. You can now go to http://axiom.tassig.com/runaxiom and run the system in a browser window, free of charge, and enjoy the latest technological innovations offered by Tassig.

For more information contact Jon Sharpe of Tassig  (http://tassig.com)
+44 207 519 1388

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