SEO Consulting Firm Launches Google My Business Management Service to Help Companies Get More Local Business

Local Google My Business expert Bruce Jones has officially launched a new Google My Business management service as part of his consulting company’s multi-services portfolio.

March 20, 2020 (FPRC) -- The Google My Business management services offer month-to-month plans which create and maintain GMB listings for local businesses as part of their core digital marketing strategy, with a focus on increasing rankings in search engine results, increasing leads, and gaining more clients. The management includes everything from basic structuring and set up to content creation to reputation and customer relationship management, with a hands-on approach.

"Google My Business is the most important dimension of Internet marketing these days for local businesses," affirms SEO expert Bruce Jones. Essentially, it is the listing representing a business in Google's search results, which features business name and contact information, photos, questions and answers, ratings, reviews, blog posts, and more. This is a company's "profile" on Google, and comes up before the business' website in Google results, hence the importance. Managing this profile is a question of filling it with the right content, adapting it as time goes on, and fulfilling new requests for information and possibilities that come from Google.

Like all of the SEO services offered, Bruce's GMB management services offer customized strategies to each client, tailored to the business' goals and needs. The consulting company builds and maintains each Google My Business listing in a way that is optimized to increase engagement, boost leads and conversions, drive sales, improve reputation, gain credibility, manage relationships, establish authority, and more.

Google My Business management services are considered as especially important for any local or small businesses, where the GMB listing has extra impact. "Google is critical for small businesses, whose client base relies on local search tools to find them," explains Jones. With an updated and optimized profile, businesses not only improve their overall rankings in search results, but become more visible to searchers as they have a chance to appear in local 3-pack results, are optimized for Google Maps, and more.
There has never been a better time to amp up your Internet marketing strategy and to revisit what needs to be invested in. If you are interested in learning more about Google My Business, Google in general, or anything related to search engine optimization, head to Bruce Jones SEO Consultant's page or call in for a free consultation to see how your business' digital marketing strategy stands.

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