Leadership Call, LLC Launches Online Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Success Due to Increased Demand for 'Soft Skill' Training

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is requiring individuals to pursue an accelerated pace of professional development. Research shows that the demand for employees with enhanced 'soft skills' is rapidly growing internationally. Emotional Intelligence is considered the origin of 'soft skills'. The Emotional Intelligence Workshop is for those professionals who are looking to develop soft skills for success such as: Increased confidence and awareness, Effective communication skills and leadership presence, Stronger relationships and team engagement, Objective and unbiased problem solving and reduction of conflict, Enhanced resilience, stress tolerance, and increased emotional well-being. Increased confidence and awareness, More effective communication skills and leadership presence, Stronger relationships and team engagement, Objective and unbiased problem solving and reduction of conflict, Enhanced resilience, stress tolerance, and increased emotional well being. This is not a webinar or recording. It is a live interactive workshop led by an EQ-i Trainer

July 22, 2020 (FPRC) -- Leadership Call, LLC a Veteran owned company specializing in Emotional Intelligence (EI) using the EQ-i 2.0 Model (Emotional Quotient Inventory) has launched an online EQ workshop. The workshops are open to the public and have limited seating. The highly interactive online workshop provides participants the foundational understanding of Emotional Intelligence and will help in discovering how to leverage current skill strengths and recognize opportunities for development. These workshops are not webinars or recordings. They are live and engaging with class discussion and one-to-one breakout rooms with customized activities led by a Certified EQ-i Trainer.

EQ-i 2.0 is a powerful emotional intelligence tool used by world class companies as a core instrument for developing high performance teams, groups, and leaders at all levels. It has been completed by millions worldwide and is the premier scientific measure of self-report social emotional intelligence.

'Online platforms for training and learning are in high demand and they need to provide participants an engaging experience. In order to adapt to the increasing needs of our client’s online learning requirements, we’ve designed a workshop that allows participants to engage in activities as a class and one-to-one. Participants experience taking their emotional intelligence assessment and receive their results (EQ Report) electronically prior to the workshop. During the workshop they are given tools to effectively improve overall personal and professional performance. These open to the public online workshops will help individuals begin their EQ journey from the comfort of their home or office without the extra time or expense of travel. Private workshops are available and customized with activities.'
- Chris Hennessy, Chief, Certification & Workshop Operations, Leadership Call, LLC.

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Leadership Call offers Emotional Intelligence expertise and services to clients worldwide in the following areas.

EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Certification: A comprehensive program consisting of eLearning modules and a two day, highly interactive workshop conducted via online based training. This course will equip the participant with the expert level knowledge to use the EQ-i 2.0/EQ-360 within their organization, company, or practice.

Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching: A variety of programs are offered to address client interest in emotional intelligence as a development tool for their employees. Additional services include EQ based webinars, EQ 360 assessment, Speaking Engagements, and Executive Leader EQ Coaching & Development.

About Leadership Call, LLC
Celebrating its 10th year of business, Leadership Call, LLC partners with individuals and organizations to improve human performance with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Leadership Call is a leading global EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Certification Trainer with Multi Health Systems. Leadership Call’s expertise is sought by emerging companies, global corporations, government & military organizations, consulting firms, academic institutions, and professionals in Human Resources, Organizational Development & Training, Psychology, Executive Coaches, and many others.

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