Print your Shirt, from your Phone!

In just a minute or two, your can print your Selfie to a new custom printed shirt using the new web site: PrintMy.Life

October 14, 2020 (FPRC) - Instagram notes that over 100 million photos and videos are shared on their social network every day, and a great number of these are selfies that are uploaded around the clock. Have you ever stopped to think for a minute just how much personal content we create in our "digital lives" but these rarely see the light of day in the "real world"?

This is where the new online service "PrintMy.Life" bridges the creative gap that's missing from our lives: printing our creative content in a meaningful and personal way. This is done through the new web site https://PrintMy.Life (yes .life and not .com) which allows you to print photos from your phone directly to a new T shirt that will be delivered to you.

In only a minute or two you can pick a women's or men's T shirt, select your size, and then upload your selfie or other artwork directly from your phone and design your own unique T shirt. The shirt is then printed straight away and posted to your postal address. It is so easy. In fact, the web site PrintMy.Life was created to print your selfies and other photos directly from your phone in the quickest way possible.

The new service allows you to position and scale your photography while also allowing you to add your own custom text to your new design. There is also the option of taking photos directly from your social media account.

For more information contact David M of PrintMy.Life  (

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