The World's First Dating App Developed Specifically for COVID-19 Vaccinated Users. Give Love A Shot!!

How does anyone really know who is vaccinated in the dating world? Vaccidate is a Social Website & App Software specifically developed for the vaccinated dating community. Vaccidate offers a sense of relief for vaccinated single adults looking to date other vaccinated single adults! GIVE LOVE A SHOT!

May 25, 2021 (FPRC) -- As part of our mission, we offer a place where users in the dating community can feel assured in knowing that the single adults whom they choose to date are COVID-19 vaccinated and verified through the Vaccidate registration process.

Vaccidate does not Cure, Treat, or Prevent Users from getting COVID-19 or ANY Illness!

Vaccidate's focus is to become the standard for the vaccinated dating community & to provide a sense of relief for those still looking for love during these trying times. Our mission is to create more awareness of the seriousness of the viruses that need vaccination while giving back proceeds to help researchers, and families suffering from COVID-19 amongst other viruses.

A percentage of all Vaccidate proceeds will be donated to CDC-approved donation websites for COVID-19 victims. Quartley donations will be made from the Mr Game Chat LLC to the CDC recommended foundations to help families & victims suffering from Viruses such as COVID-19 and More.

How to Register for Vaccidate & Get Early Beta Access
Registration requires that you upload your Identification documents & Vaccination card to the site or app. Profile approval could take up to 24 - 48 hours to verify vaccine information.

Become a Backer on a Higher Tier and Get Early Beta Access! Be One of the First to Try Vaccidate. GIVE LOVE A SHOT! Visit to Learn how to Become a Backer

Vaccidate has the first right of refusal; we will take every measure necessary to ensure Vaccidate stays 99%+ vaccinated users.

LEVEL UP Gamification for User to User Communication
Vaccidate Level Up Private Messaging system was developed to make sure that there is a connection between users before allowing those users more options to communicate further with each other. Our Proprietary messaging system makes sure each user is finding a true connection with other users who have similar interests.
Free users earn access to these features in each private messaging chat, leading to a connection or real-life dating.

Additional features such as
"Boost for Popularity", "Hot or Not", "People I Like, People I Dislike", "Messenger Gifts & Stickers" "Profile Vaccination Badges & QR or Identification Codes" "Where to Get Vaccinated Near You"

Please Follow & Support Us @ by becoming a backer & sharing the Crowdfunding page with your friends, family, and audience to help any way you can about getting the word out there about Vaccidate.

It would be an honor for us to help as many people as we can and not just in the dating industry. GIVE LOVE A SHOT!

For more information contact Jarrett Pruitt of Vaccidate Org  (http://

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